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Re: Best practices for changelogs

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Simon Ruggier wrote:
> On 11/19/07, Paul TBBle Hampson <Paul.Hampson@pobox.com> wrote:
>> So as far as I'm concerned, once a package is uploaded somewhere as
>> a .diff.gz and a .dsc or a .deb, barring explicit notice to the
>> contrary, that version number represents something fixed in stone.

> I think that when a package is on mentors.debian.net, thats an
> implicit notice. However, for me to argue about it is moot, since
> putting ~rc0 in front solves the set-in-stone problem: the sponsor can
> simply remove the ~rc[012..] and merge the entries before uploading to
> the archive, retaining proper version order without having duplicate
> versions.

We apparently use different meanings of "set-in-stone". ^_^

Also, I didn't notice mentors.debian.net didn't keep old orig.tar.gz
versions when uploading a new .diff.gz, since every upload I did was
full-sourcefull (using the -v switch to dpkg-buildpackage) anyway.

I like to be able to use interdiff on my packages as well, and then
on packages derived from my packages, or that were derived from the
same package as my packages, and merging changelogs makes that that
much harder.

Anyway, this is only my personal preference. It boils down to "I
avoid rewriting history" (based on something I imagined seeing in
the Debian Policy, but which turned out to be me overreading
something. ^_^)

> In case anyone isn't familiar with the syntax, with debian versions,
> foo-bar~baz < foo-bar < foo-bar+baz.  The feature became stable in
> etch, and I would have gone crazy without it if I had been doing
> serious packaging before it existed, there are some situations (like
> this one) that can't be expressed without it.

Technically, foo-bar < foo-bar[any allowable character except ~],
and it is indeed invaluable, and solves the otherwise inelegant
issue of 1.0rc1 < 1.0. ^_^

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