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Re: Best practices for changelogs

On 11/19/07, Paul TBBle Hampson <Paul.Hampson@pobox.com> wrote:
> So as far as I'm concerned, once a package is uploaded somewhere as
> a .diff.gz and a .dsc or a .deb, barring explicit notice to the
> contrary, that version number represents something fixed in stone.

I think that when a package is on mentors.debian.net, thats an
implicit notice. However, for me to argue about it is moot, since
putting ~rc0 in front solves the set-in-stone problem: the sponsor can
simply remove the ~rc[012..] and merge the entries before uploading to
the archive, retaining proper version order without having duplicate

In case anyone isn't familiar with the syntax, with debian versions,
foo-bar~baz < foo-bar < foo-bar+baz.  The feature became stable in
etch, and I would have gone crazy without it if I had been doing
serious packaging before it existed, there are some situations (like
this one) that can't be expressed without it.

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