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Re: Bug#xxx:

* Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com> [2007-11-18 16:23:19 CET]:
> I now see the problem is that cegui >= 0.5.0 is needed. Since kfreebsd
> doesn't have cegui >= 0.5.0 available yet, the check for it goes to
> false. I need to fix one of the patches to catch this and I'll need to
> seperate the cegui-ogre libraries onto a different package.

 Can you *pretty* please, with sugar on top, add some more informations
to your BTS mails? It's nasty to require to go to the BTS to see what
the mail is about. Having the package name or anything else quoted, or
even a meaningful subject shouldn't be too problematic, is it?

 Can we please try to have some reasonable parts in the mails we send to
the BTS, for both users who are receiving the mails, but also for
ourself as a team to not have to figure out what someone is talking yet

 So long,

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