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Re: OpenAL in AMD64

> Looking at this issue again recently, I notice that Cyril has already
> (in July) packaged the new libopenal in SVN, which doesn't seem to
> express this issue in my testing.  Looking through the mailing list
> archives, I don't see any comments about this upgrade.  As the latest
> upload of openal is in testing, could others also please test openal
> 1:0.0.8+svn~r1464-1 from SVN?

Note that I was waiting for comments from Reinhard, and that we raised
that again some days ago. An upload to experimental sounded like the way
to go at that time.

I'd be glad to see this upload happen, since I could benefit of OpenAL
in Blender too.


Cyril Brulebois

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