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Re: Introduction

Vincent Fourmond wrote:
  Hello all,

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
As suggested by Tolimar, there goes my introduction. You probably know
me already, but just in case. I also want to encourage everyone in the
Team to post a brief intro on themselves, and also (if they want)
other people in the mailing list that might be interested in the

  So, I'll go on... But I'll make it much shorter: I don't know if
Miriam speaks a lot, but I'll definitely speak less ;-)...

  I'm Vincent Fourmond, scientist on a post-doctoral position in
Marseille, somewhere between physics, biology and chemistry. I've been
involved in Debian Development for a couple of years now, and I
successfully finished my NM process half a year ago.

  I have very inconstant interest in games: I can be playing quite a lot
strategy games (freeciv and assimilated) for a long period and then
nothing. I also like 'easy' games, the ones you just play for five to
ten minutes (shoot-em-up, puzzles).

  I have joined the Debian Games team really recently (for freecol), and
I think I'm currently making myself useful by filing RC bugs, fixing
some, and most importantly (for you) uploading packages.

  I also happen to program a lot, mostly in ways related to my work. I'm
fluent in Ruby, C, C++ and Perl, but my language of predilection is Ruby.

  Thanks for having read this so far ;-)

Guess I'll jump in.. And I probably talk more than Miriam, at least on irc.. :-)

I'm Barry deFreese (bdefreese on OFTC, bddebian on Freenode).

I'm an IT Manager for a small flavor company near Philadelphia, PA. I've pretty much "grown up" in network infrastructure and Windows networking. I started playing with GNU/Linux about 6 years or so ago and then got involved in GNU/Hurd. I wanted to be a DD a couple of years ago but decided against it. Instead I got involved with Ubuntu and became an MOTU. I mainly do small fixes/patches/packaging work and wanted to find something I could feel more attached to rather than just the shotgun approach. I enjoy gaming so I thought the Games Team would make sense. To the chagrin of the others I'm sure. ;-)

I'd be lying if I said I played a lot of games on GNU/Linux. Mainly because I really like Role Playing Games and have yet to find one for GNU/Linux that I like. I am currently playing The Witcher, gonna get the NeverWinterNights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, and probably Call of Duty 4. I know, I'm evil, but I find the games on Linux to be mostly abysmal. How many rogue-likes and versions of nethack do we need? I do see some promising ones so I am hoping that changes..

As for skillsets, I really have none other than maybe persistence. :-) I know a bit of C and am trying to learn more as I have always wanted to learn it more fluently but with a wife, three kids, and a full time job I don't get the experience I would like to get. (I'm also pretty much ADD, jumping from project to project :-) ). Unfortunately, because Windows is paying my bills, I don't get the time on GNU/Linux I would like either so I have a LOT to learn but I'm willing to jump in and try to help wherever I can.

Now that I probably completely alienated myself, I guess I'm done..


Barry deFreese

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