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Re: Introduction

On 21/11/2007, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> As suggested by Tolimar, there goes my introduction. You probably know
> me already, but just in case. I also want to encourage everyone in the
> Team to post a brief intro on themselves, and also (if they want)
> other people in the mailing list that might be interested in the
> project.

Uh-oh, looks like I've been busy until now. Hopefully having a
charged battery right now and some time to spend on writing during train

Let's try an inline-reply-style.

> My name is Miriam Ruiz, and I'm a Spanish engineer. I've been involved
> in Debian Development since 2004 or so. After attending a conference
> on the Debian Women project, presented by Amaya, I thought that it
> sounded interesting enough to give it a try :)

I'm, hm, see “From:”. 2004 sounds like the starting point for me too,
stepping in through translations, then some bug reports, then some
unofficial packages. Then a bit of courage, peer-review by developers,
and first packages pushed in the archive. Then NM process, waiting for
DAM now.

Not interested in DM at all since my packages are either comaintained
with people really reactive at checking+sponsoring+uploading, like
python-{networkx,pygraphviz} in the Python Modules group, or Blender
(thanks to Florian Ernst), or Synfig (thanks to Paul “pabs” Wise). Or
I'm listed as comaintainer (Games packages) but I'm not working on them
enough to make me confident with uploading myself without peer-review.

Waiting for being a DD to actually ease things: sponsoring people a good
job, mentoring them; but also having access to more architectures than I
have access to currently; and being able to NMU any packages to speed up
RC bug fixes, it's hard to find a sponsor willing to take responsibility
for random NMUs.

> I've always been interested in videogames, and since I started doing
> stuff in Debian, I decided to go for them.

Rather a 3D/visual guy, but no artist at all. Not surprizing I'm
packaging Blender, Yafray, Sunflow (render engine as well), GraphThing,
K3DSurf, Synfig, and GraphViz (one of my favourite, with lovely
upstreams), amongst others.

I'm also involved a bit with epiphany's development (upstream).

> I believe in cooperative development much more than in individual
> geniuses, so when Tolimar suggested me to create a group to try to
> join efforts in maintainance of Free Games, I thought "why not?", so I
> proposed the creation of the Team. Thankfully, Eddy and Goneri were
> there to help me to carry out the plan, and did a lot to make the Team
> what it's now.

I think I was having an eye on Ogre, which I ITP'd (it was being
orphaned). Gonéri suggested to join the group, which I did. I've been
mostly doing QA (fixing bugs, especially RC ones, like the `pwd` ones.
Reminder: don't do this at home! It'll probably break on buildds using
sudo instead of fakeroot).

> Although I'm Spanish, I've been living in Germany for the last few
> months. I've just moved back to Spain some weeks ago, after changing
> job. I work in embedded Linux development.

Mostly staying in France but trying to travel as much as possible to
attend FLOSS conferences (DebConf, FOSDEM, QA meeting).

> I'm also quite involved in the feminist netsphere, being in groups
> like LinuxChix, Ubuntu-Women, WikiChix, ChicasLinux, Indymedia Women
> or Systers, but I don't really have time to be active in all of them.

I'm mostly hanging around on #debian-women, and that's all.

> I've been doing stuff with different programming languages, but I
> think I prefer C above all. I like C++ quite a lot too. I've also been
> quite interested in the D programming language lately.

Quite language-agnostic at the moment. Not even scared by packaging Java
thingies, w00t!

> I like meeting people, I'm also quite social (some people think I
> speak *a lot* - /me tickles KiBi).

Did you run “wc” on your mail? :p (And I like meeting people too, but I
already said that above).

> My nick in the IRC netkorks I join (my usual networks are irc.oftc.net
> and irc.freenode.net) is Baby, and you can often find me in channels
> like #debian-games, #debian-devel, #debian-women or #debian-mentors in
> OFTC, and #debian-es, #ubuntu-women, #ubuntu-motu when I join
> FreeNode.

See above, I'm KiBi, on Freenode, GimpNet, OFTC; probably $TZ-compatible
with anyone.

> Apart from all that, if you want to know more about me, you might want
> to read my weblog [0]. It's already in Planet, so it's not difficult
> to find :)

http://ikibiki.org/ for me, tags/debian/ is on Planet (1 post so far
after pabs requested by addition). But lacking time these days, so: long
time no blog. A summary is in the pipe, though.

> My favourite games are social games, those you can play in groups. I
> like StepMania a lot, if I had to choose just a game, I'd probably
> pick that. I like Frets on Fire, or Karaoke games (like UltraStar). I
> like shooter games of the "space invaders" kind (you already knew, I
> guess), I'm also quite interested in indy games, as opposed to
> mainstream culture. My favourite game console is Wii. Puzzle games are
> also really cute (remember hex-a-hop?). I guess the games I prefer
> depend mostly on my mood at that moment. I'm also really interested in
> games for children.

Mine is killing RC bugs, particularly tracking build failures, asking
buildd admins for give-backs, suggesting Release Managers some binNMUs
and QA stuff like that. I also enjoy FPS like nexuiz, or RTS games like
RedAlert (oops, not free at all, but I didn't find any game matching it,
suggestions welcome), or turn-based games like Wesnoth.

> Tolimar suggested that we put a link to our mugshots [1] [2]. You can
> find many people there I guess. I don't particullary like my photo
> there, so I'd rather give a different link [3].

Link later, I've got no mugshot online right now, I fear.

> Greetings,
> Miry


KiBi, TGVing.

PS: I know I wrote a longer mail than you did (not including quotes).
    And that's called a dédicace. ;)

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