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Re: Any Debian Legal experts going to Linux.conf.au 2008?

2007/11/22, Tim Ansell <mithro@mithis.com>:
> Hello,
> As part of the Gaming Miniconf at Linux.conf.au 2008 I am hoping to run
> a "Licensing Issues for (Game) Content Developers" panel session.
> I know that there have been issues with games getting into debian's main
> repository due to the licensing of content (such as Art, Music, Stories,
> etc). This is why I would love to have someone from "Debian Legal" on
> the panel session.
> If you are interested please feel free to email me at mithro@mithis.com
> (or just reply to this email).
> Thanks for your time.
> Tim 'Mithro' Ansell

Hi Mithro!

Australia is quite far from here, but I'm very interested in that. If
you're able to videorecord it, or something like that, please tell me!

I'm CC'ing the Games Team mailing list just in case anyone there might
be interested too.


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