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Re: impressions from someone looking for a game


On Wednesday 21 November 2007 00:13, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> apt-get install goplay
> It has nice screenshots, which give a good impression of the games.

Yes, goplay looks very nice, but it's only available in sid, not even testing. 
I would argue that most users looking for games are likely to run etch or 

And it's also not mentioned on those wiki pages I linked.

BTW, I just looked at the wiki again, to mention goplay there somewhere and 
found this at http://wiki.debian.org/Games:

== Informations for users ==

People doing games packaging might find more useful information on the 
Development page.

Huh? I've mentioned goplay there now, fixed some links and improved the 
structure a bit, IMHO :) Please check that page if you agree...


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