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Re: Request for help: Secondlife viewer

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Hi Robin!
> Please use debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org instead. It will probably reach
> more members of the Team.

Hi Miriam, i see you copied the reply in to debian-devel-games so
thanks! Everyone there now knows :-)

> I've only had time to have a look at slviewer. It bothers me a bit that some
> files do not include a license, we should have to try to findo out where do
> they come from and under which license they can be distributed. Usually, for
> most of the countries, no license means no rights at all.

Yea, i suspect there are many little problems like this upstream. The
code is GPL but they only converted to GPL 8-10 Months ago and some
files have not even been modified since then so its probably no one has
got around to updating and its a fairly large code base.

Sounds like a little project to create a patch that correctly headers
each file with a licence and to file this upstream as a bug report.

> Don't worry about the protocol, it's OK to write here :) I hope we can give
> you a helping hand :)
> What are your plans for those packages? Maintaining them yourself or joining
> the team and maintaining them collaboratively via SVN? That's not quite clear
> from your previous message.

Ah sorry, currently there are 2 of us working for Debian on the
secondlife packaging job. We were taking about getting the code in to a
version control system so using the games SVN seems ideal and it would
provide access for more experienced DD's to give a helping hand too. As
there is a lot of code, i think the more help the better really.

We also have fast upstream with a stable release on about 4 week
intervals but upstream patches take much longer to merge so there often
rebasing to do of all the patches.

Upstream has only recently reached a point where a standalone (ie using
system libraries) is possible. I am currently maintaining AMD64 builds
of the slviewer and all non debain support libraries but i really want
to direct my efforts into packaging into debian so other arch's can benefit.

I think we have gone a long way towards our goal but feedback and
criticism from more experienced DD's is really welcome to make sure our
 packing work is correct.

Best regards

Robin Cornelius

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