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Re: RFS: prboom (updated package)

* Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt> [2007-11-01 21:05:14 CET]:
> Jon Dowland wrote:
> > Regarding Marco's improvements to the package: I kept the desktop file
> > that he added to SVN but I reverted the icon for copyvio reasons. I can
> > understand that being a simple mistake. I also had to revert the
> > addition of an install file that actually caused the package to FTBFS.
> > That was mildly irritating as it suggested that the check-in to trunk
> > wasn't tested, but is explained by Marco's relative newness to SVN.
> I current don't have SVN access, and I'm removed from uploaders in some
> packages, like pingus.

 Uploaders mainly is for the archive tools to distinct between NMUs and
MUs. Having people in there that aren't in the keyring might push your
ego, but doesn't really add. In fact it even has another sideeffect
coming to effect with the DM implementation, so putting one into
Uploaders shouldn't be just done and not without concensus with the

 Saying that, you are still evading answering questions about the
quality approach of yours. Additionally, reading #448956 I'm not too
sure if you really understand what you did. If you want to file multiple
bugreports, please do so and don't put different issues in the same one.
Additionally, why did you request to add dh_iconcache when this makes no
sense at all in Debian because it just doesn't have it?

 I would guess you would have added dh_iconcache right into the rules
file if you still had commit access - and produce yet another FTBFS in a

> I cannot commit these changes.. so please fix it!

 You can't commit - but you can send svn diff to the list, or to Jon.
Jon seems to be willing to work together with you, but before you
haven't responded to the load of (still unanswered) questions your
non-tested commits have produced you won't just get the svn commit
access back simply by repeating that you can't commit anymore.

> > Marco: I'm not following the situation with regards your SVN access, but
> > assuming you have it back now (or in the future), would you mind making
> > commits into a branch? I'll happily cherry-pick them across to trunk,
> > and I just ask this whilst you get to grips with SVN.

 ... and yet another question that you have ignored. :/

> But I'm not part of the team now, so it's your decision..

 You are as much part of the team as you were before. You just don't
have direct commit access anymore. Being part of the team means though
that one does read the team lists and responds to questions brought up
there. Ignoring them won't get you your commit access back.

 So long,

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