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Re: RFS: pingus/0.7.2-1

Bas Wijnen <wijnen@debian.org> (06/11/2007):
> Well, the whole point of being a DM is that they are trusted to care
> for the package.  The practical case here is Miriam, and I certainly
> trust her to upload only proper packages (and not just whatever
> happens to have been added by anyone to svn).
> But it might be good if Miriam would request the addition herself.

Yup, I leave that to her.

> Yes, I wasn't suggesting to change the upload, I just wanted to make
> sure the things I found weren't forgotten.

ACK. I think I noticed your mail on -mentors at some point, but then
didn't make the connection to this package. I stepped in a bit later,
when Marco's commit access was removed, so as to modify some additional

> There is one thing I would like to know from anyone who knows, and
> that's the lintian override. I'll quote my original question:
> > There is a lintian override installed, which isn't documented in the
> > changelog.  Why is it needed?  (In other words, what rare situation
> > do you have here, which warrants an override instead of a lintian
> > bug?)

I'll check the svn logs, and take appropriate actions later.

Thanks for your review and the additional notice.


Cyril Brulebois

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