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Re: Stepping out

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
* Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> [2007-11-02 21:06:32 CET]:
Apparently I seem to cause too much raucous within the team so I guess I will step out.

 I rather thought it was me who made KiBi leave, not you. I can just
guess on that because he doesn't respond, but ...  :/

I cannot speak for KiBi but for me it was not you at all. I just seem to consistently to the "wrong" thing for eddyp and I have irritated kaol twice already.

And I don't quite seem to understand the dynamics. I'm trying to understand why scorched3d was never uploaded and can't get a response. Foobillard is a mess and I can't get a response. And my fear is that if I just start working on them to what I think is right, it will just be wrong like in the case of adding watch files to the glest packages.

However after talking to Miriam last night she has convinced me to hang on so I guess you are stuck with me for a while yet. :-)

I'm sorry to have bothered you all.

 I really wonder what you are sorry for. "Apparently" is never a good
reason - which is a thing I have to learn for myself, too. But using
some assumtions for taking steps away is definitely wrong.


Granted part of that is a personal problem on my part.

*double hugs*, :-)


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