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RE: Request for help: Secondlife viewer

--- Robin Cornelius <robin.cornelius@gmail.com> escribió:

> Dear games team,
> Apologies if this is out of protocol posting here like this.
> I am working on package the secondlife (http://www.secondlife.com)
> client/viewer for Debian,  so far we have a working package of the
> latest version of the viewer packaged up with artwork and arch
> independent data split in to a separate package. The viewer also
> required a number of libraries not currently in Debian but we have
> also packaged these up.
> I though it would be a very good idea to consult the games team at
> this stage as we do not have a Debian developer on board at this time.
>  (for those that are interested I will apply for DD status in due
> course, and this is an aim of mine)
> The ITP's are as follows :-
> #406335 ITP: secondlife-client -- a client for the Second Life online
> virtual world
> #412988 ITP: libcares -- asynchronous DNS library
> #413986: ITP: xmlrpc-epi -- XML-RPC request
> serialisation/deserialisation library;
> #413987: ITP: openjpeg -- JPEG 2000 image compression codec library;
> #450850: ITP: libllmozlib -- A wrapper library with simple API for
> embedding of Gecko browsers
> Currently the source archive files can be found at :-
> http://www.byteme.org.uk/uploads/slviewer_1.18.4.3-1.dsc
> http://www.byteme.org.uk/uploads/slviewer-artwork_1.18.4.3-1.dsc
> http://www.tbble.net/debian/openjpeg/openjpeg_1.2-1.dsc
> http://www.tbble.net/debian/xmlrpc-epi/xmlrpc-epi_0.51-1.dsc
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/libcares/libcares_1.4.0-3.dsc
> And we have plans to move them all to mentors as we progress.
> The packages are all currently running on AMD64 and are in the process
> of being checked on PPC and the secondlife viewer seems to function
> correctly and is quite usable to enter the virtual world.
> Really what we need at this stage is a a mentor to provide advice and
> feedback on the packages, i have not yet posted any RFS emails to the
> mentors list. As i though i would raise the project here first.
> Many thanks for your help
> Robin Cornelius

Hi Robin!

Please use debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org instead. It will probably reach
more members of the Team.

I've only had time to have a look at slviewer. It bothers me a bit that some
files do not include a license, we should have to try to findo out where do
they come from and under which license they can be distributed. Usually, for
most of the countries, no license means no rights at all.

Don't worry about the protocol, it's OK to write here :) I hope we can give
you a helping hand :)

What are your plans for those packages? Maintaining them yourself or joining
the team and maintaining them collaboratively via SVN? That's not quite clear
from your previous message.


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