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Re: about qonk 3.0.1

2007/11/20, Martín Ferrari <martin.ferrari@gmail.com>:
> The other question was that I was thinking about adding the
> DM-upload-allowed control flag, since now I'm DM; but I'm still not
> sure how's the best way to handle that with comaintained packages. Are
> you a DD or DM already?

We haven't reached a consensus on that yet. While it seems that it
might be a good idea to add it for some packages, for some others it
might not be a good idea. I'm personally adding it to the packages in
which the most involved maintainer taking care of them is me. In any
case I'm addign the tag out of SVN, for the moment. That's something
that should be discussed anyway, as I don't really know how to handle
it without the risk of uploads becoming a bit chaotic.

We should have a discussion on that topic (DM-upload-allowed flag)
sometime in the list, I guess. Thoughts about it? I don't have a clear
idea on the best solution. In any case, I guess we should handle it in
a per-package basis (not all the packages or none of them), and
definitely if we start supporting it, we should develop a policy
regarding Uploaders in the packages.


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