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Watch Files

Hi folks,

As most of of you have probably already noticed I have been going a little nuts on adding watch files. Just so everyone knows, here is a list of all of the packages that I was not able create watch files for for one reason or another:

abuse-frabs - Homepage link is dead and can't find suitable download location
abuse-lib - Packaged from abuse tarballs
abuse-sdl - Homepage link is dead and can't find suitable download location
airstrike - Upstream filename issue.  airstrike-pre6a-src.tar.gz
area2048 - Upstream filename sucks.  a2k.zip
bloboats - I'm not smart enough to make the watch file deal with the download page bulletml - No idea how we got our versioning. Upstream file is bulletml0_21.zip Our version is 0.0.6.
bulletss - Upstream filename bulletss.zip
es (now ii-esu) - Upstream filename ES_d.zip
ezquake* - Not in debian yet and don't see a download location
fenix* - Our version is 0.92 yet latest I see on sourceforge is 0.84??
fretsonfire-songs-* - Seem to be built from fretsonfire tarball. What's appropriate here, using fretsonfire's tarball source?
gradle-unison  - Upstream tarball naming: GU.zip
gravitywars - Upstream homepage dead.  Other sites are available.
gtkradiant - No upstream tarball.  Built from svn.
hex-a-hop - Upstream tarball naming. http://www.aceinternet.co.uk/~mokona/hex-a-hop.tar.gz holotz-castle-milanb - Upstream tarball naming. http://abrick.sourceforge.net/milanb-hc-levels.zip
ioquake3 - Package built from svn. svn://svn.icculus.org/quake3/trunk
openquartz-data - Upstream???
renpy - Upstream url seems to be release specific so it would have to change every version.
     - There are probably ways around this but over my head.
sabre - I can't find a source location for this one
sauerbraten - Too lazy to parse this: http://sf.net/sauerbraten/sauerbraten_2007_08_29_summer_edition_linux.tar.bz2
tatan - Upstream filename tatan.zip
tuxracer-extras - Built from multiple files
warsow* - Probably can be done I just didn't feel like touching the package at the moment

Everything else should have a watch file now, or should be able to have one I just couldn't get my dumb ass to create the regexp for the watch file (Specifically all of the KXL games).


Barry deFreese

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