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Bug#472846: busybox: Regression in pidof: no longer lists 'debian-installer' processes Bug#472846: no TODO found ;-) Bug#472878: marked as done (scsi drives are shown in syslog but their partitions can not be mounted.) Bug#472878: scsi drives are shown in syslog but their partitions can not be mounted. Bug#472997: provide all guided recepies using free space instead of full disk Bug#473084: marked as done (Typo in Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide (Appendix A.)) Bug#473084: Typo in Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide (Appendix A.) Bug#473144: provide {loadlin,gzip,cpio}.exe for dynamic use Bug#473148: fixed Bug#473186: win32-loader: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#473190: Typo in Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide (Appendix A.) Bug#473190: Wish: ability to select any locale as default one Bug#473217: Wishlist: Don't run ckbcomp at boot-time (use a saved keymap instead) Bug#473219: debian-installer: please give a possibility to show MAC addresses early Bug#473267: partman-partitioning dialogue issues Bug#473364: installation-report: some install glitches (grub2, tasksel, serial mouse) Bug#473397: debian-installer: partioner forgets previous info when doing LVM Bug#473401: grub-installer: grub2 config for Windows partition does not boot Bug#473491: Load of Debian installer fails Bug#473659: Can't open /dev/tty2: No such file or directory in d-i BUG(?): Can' t disable lilo installation during preseed busybox bug triage busybox override disparity busybox_1.9.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED busybox_1.9.1-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED busybox_1.9.2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED busybox_1.9.2-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Can't open /dev/tty2: No such file or directory cannot set a size to lvm partition (size 0 is invalid) cdebconf-entropy plugin: usage, templates and strings Consistency in "doing foo..." strings console-data 2:1.06-2: Please update debconf PO translation for the package console-data Re: D-I and busybox 1.9.1 CONFIG_FEATURE_HAVE_RPC D-I and busybox 1.9.1 test results Re: D-I fails trying RAID0 / LVM d-i sync request Debian GTK Installer Debian Installer Lenny Beta1 Debian Installer Lenny Beta1, with fixed URL Re: Debian Installer Lenny Beta1: Status Update 3 Debian Installer Lenny Beta1: Status Update 4 Re: Debian Installer Lenny Beta1: Status Update 4 & hardware issues Debian Installer related packages sync debian-installer 20080227 MIGRATED to testing debian-installer-utils_1.56_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Dell XPS Dimension 200n booting from floppies Documenting how to test multipath devices Re: e2fsprogs 1.40.8-2 MIGRATED to testing Errata updating for beta1 etch-support 0.02 MIGRATED to testing etch-support_0.02_amd64.changes ACCEPTED finish-install_2.16_amd64.changes ACCEPTED flash-kernel_1.8_arm.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.30_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Help with partman recipes hint openssl 0.9.8g-8 in testing hint openssl in testing. Hold the upload until Beta1 test images add two entries i386 EFI - Identifying Parts of the Install Process Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue installation failure with current lenny packages Installation Report lenny-amd64 installation-report: #472487 not forwarded to list installation-report: DI (for lenny) beta2 on NEC ML470 installation-report_2.33_amd64.changes ACCEPTED kernel 2.6.24 & speakup Kernel panic installing Etch kernel version in boot files kernel-wedge and Debian Installer kernel udebs needs review kernel-wedge being done... kernel-wedge_2.42_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Lenny beta 1 fails with Invalid release signature Lenny beta1 Installer image - partman-md regression libdebian-installer_0.56_i386.changes ACCEPTED libdebian-installer_0.57_amd64.changes ACCEPTED lilo-installer_1.27_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.36_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.36_amd64.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-arm-2.6_1.20_arm.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-arm-2.6_1.20_arm.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.13_armel.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.13_armel.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.22_hppa.changes REJECTED linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.22_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.58_mixed.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.58_mixed.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6_0.89_m68k.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6_0.89_m68k.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6_0.89_m68k.changes REJECTED linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_0.22_mips.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_0.22_mips.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_0.22_mipsel.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_0.22_mipsel.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.27_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.09_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.09_amd64.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.07_hppa.changes REJECTED linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.07_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.09_mixed.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.09_mixed.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-sparc-2.6_1.09_multi.changes is NEW live rescue install backup Re: live-installer: proposal to improve string live-installer_4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED localechooser_2.00_amd64.changes ACCEPTED loop-aes approval on testing-proposed-updates queue MacMiniIntel installation woes (and joys) main-menu_1.26_amd64.changes ACCEPTED mdcfg_1.24_amd64.changes ACCEPTED MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel) Re: mklibs patches for cross environment Netcfg NULL pointer dereference in custom debian-eeepc d-i network-console_1.15_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Re: New partman-multipath udeb OEM-Install for Debian? Partman on the MTD flash partman-auto_76_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-base_117_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-basicfilesystems_59_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-crypto_28_i386.changes ACCEPTED partman-ext2r0_1.15_arm.changes ACCEPTED partman-ext3_51_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-jfs_26_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-lvm_60_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-multipath upload partman-multipath_1_powerpc.changes is NEW partman-partitioning 57 MIGRATED to testing partman-partitioning_57_i386.changes ACCEPTED partman-partitioning_58_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-reiserfs_40_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-reiserfs_41_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-xfs 38 MIGRATED to testing partman-xfs_39_amd64.changes ACCEPTED partman-xfs_40_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Re: Patch to tidy up wget use, and add return=4 when 404's are seen pkgsel 0.18 MIGRATED to testing pkgsel_0.18_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Please add support for the Playstation 3 Platform Preparing a new aptitude release. Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#470259: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Font size not reset when switching to English Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#470423: debian-installer: CDROM drive lockup during multiple CD installation Processed (with 1 errors): update busybox bugs Processed (with 2 errors): installation-reports: please warn if you install network-console type images and no sshd will go to be installed Processed: Bug#464429: debian-installer: d-i support for PA Semi's eval boards (powerpc) Processed: Change submitter Processed: For now let's treat this as an installation issue. Processed: forcibly merging 303182 407696 Processed: forcibly merging 456683 469143 Processed: forcibly merging 472653 472389 Processed: forwarded this bug Processed: grub serial bugs Processed: handled in flash-kernel now Processed: mark pending Processed: more grub-installer serial bugs Processed: Re: Bug#335947: reiserfs creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed Processed: Re: Bug#457901: Installation report - HP pavillion 2585ep Processed: Re: Bug#464023: Message displayed 'Insert CD 1' Processed: Re: Bug#465236: base-installer: make kernel-img.conf/do_symlinks configurable and preseedable Processed: Re: Bug#465817: debian-installer: Should not enable source package lines by default Processed: Re: Bug#466066: installation-reports: GRUB installation failed Processed: Re: Bug#468623: python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies Processed: Re: Bug#468739: partman-crypto: crypto_check_mountpoints: incorrect mount point test Processed: Re: Bug#468960: installation-reports: please warn if you install network-console type images and no sshd will go to be installed Processed: Re: Bug#468960: network-console type images assume sshd will be installed Processed: Re: Bug#469030: debian ppc64 not booting after install Processed: Re: Bug#469104: installation-reports: Normal C/R netinstall successful except screen resolution too low Processed: Re: Bug#469143: Daily builds lack e1000e nic driver Processed: Re: Bug#469650: marked as done (console-setup: [INTL:eu] debconf templates Basque translation) Processed: Re: Bug#469670: not run early enough when in expert mode Processed: Re: Bug#470027: installation report Processed: Re: Bug#470061: network install starting from USB Processed: Re: Bug#470259: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Font size not reset when switching to English Processed: Re: Bug#470315: installation report -install ok but 1. x11 config fails Processed: Re: Bug#470423: debian-installer: CDROM drive lockup during multiple CD installation Processed: Re: Bug#470601: installation-report: Debian Testing on Virtual PC 2007 Processed: Re: Bug#470892: user-params: Should also exclude D-I options passed with ?= Processed: Re: Bug#471130: installation-reports: Installer still wants to install lilo if you disable lilo in preseed Processed: Re: Bug#471323: support powers of 1024 when parsing user input (kiB, MiB, ...) Processed: Re: Bug#471505: fb=false required on HP Compaq 2510p notebook Processed: Re: Bug#471566: installation-report: DI lenny_di_beta1 on NEC VL 360 Processed: Re: Bug#471706: NTFS support under partitioning Processed: Re: Bug#472090: tasksel: Lenny beta KDE cd installs both KDE and gnome desktops Processed: Re: Bug#472389: busybox: no longer falles back to busybox applets if no executable if found Processed: Re: Bug#472813: Typo in Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide Processed: Re: Bug#472824: Some Lenny install issues supposedly linked to win32-loader Processed: Re: Bug#472846: busybox: Regression in pidof: no longer lists 'debian-installer' processes Processed: Re: Bug#473219: debian-installer: please give a possibility to show MAC addresses early Processed: Re: Processed: reassign 384521 to lvmcfg Processed: Re: Processed: reassign 471027 to network-console Processed: Re: r51981 - trunk/packages/localechooser/debian Processed: reassign 355130 to busybox, merging 355130 465290 Processed: reassign 384521 to lvmcfg Processed: reassign 468960 to debian-installer Processed: reassign 471027 to network-console Processed: reassign 472389 to busybox Processed: Reassign to base-installer Processed: retitle 462910 to add atl2 modules udeb Processed: retitle 470259 to rootskel-gtk: gtk-set-font should use debconf/language instead of debian-installer/language Processed: retitle 472369 to uninstallable in unstable, depends on libcwidget1, reassign 472369 to aptitude Processed: retitle 473190 to Wish: ability to select any locale as default one Processed: severity of 472389 is important Processed: submitter 278085 Processed: submitter 294403 Processed: tag pending Processed: Tag pending Processed: tagging 470614 Processed: tagging 471424 Processed: Update Re: Processing Installation Reports Processing of apt-setup_0.35_amd64.changes Processing of base-installer_1.76etch1_amd64.changes Processing of base-installer_1.89_amd64.changes Processing of busybox_1.9.1-2_amd64.changes Processing of busybox_1.9.1-3_amd64.changes Processing of busybox_1.9.2-1_amd64.changes Processing of busybox_1.9.2-2_amd64.changes Processing of debian-installer-utils_1.56_amd64.changes Processing of etch-support_0.02_amd64.changes Processing of finish-install_2.16_amd64.changes Processing of flash-kernel_1.8_arm.changes Processing of grub-installer_1.30_amd64.changes Processing of installation-report_2.33_amd64.changes Processing of kernel-wedge_2.42_amd64.changes Processing of libdebian-installer_0.56_i386.changes Processing of libdebian-installer_0.57_amd64.changes Processing of lilo-installer_1.27_amd64.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.36_amd64.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-arm-2.6_1.20_arm.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.13_armel.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.22_hppa.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.22_multi.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.22_source.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.58_mixed.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6_0.89_m68k.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6_0.89_source.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_0.22_mips.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_0.22_mipsel.changes Processing of linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.27_multi.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.09_amd64.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.07_hppa.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.07_multi.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.07_source.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.09_mixed.changes Processing of linux-modules-di-sparc-2.6_1.09_multi.changes Processing of live-installer_4_amd64.changes Processing of localechooser_2.00_amd64.changes Processing of main-menu_1.26_amd64.changes Processing of mdcfg_1.24_amd64.changes Processing of network-console_1.15_amd64.changes Processing of partman-auto_76_amd64.changes Processing of partman-base_117_amd64.changes Processing of partman-basicfilesystems_59_amd64.changes Processing of partman-crypto_28_i386.changes Processing of partman-ext2r0_1.15_arm.changes Processing of partman-ext3_51_amd64.changes Processing of partman-jfs_26_amd64.changes Processing of partman-lvm_60_amd64.changes Processing of partman-multipath_1_powerpc.changes Processing of partman-partitioning_57_i386.changes Processing of partman-partitioning_58_amd64.changes Processing of partman-reiserfs_40_amd64.changes Processing of partman-reiserfs_41_amd64.changes Processing of partman-xfs_39_amd64.changes Processing of partman-xfs_40_amd64.changes Processing of pkgsel_0.18_amd64.changes Processing of rootskel_1.59_amd64.changes Processing of rootskel_1.60_i386.changes Processing of srm-reader_0.11_alpha.changes Processing of win32-loader_0.6.4_amd64.changes Processing of win32-loader_0.6.5_amd64.changes Proposal: move win32-loader in SVN repository Re: r51742 - trunk/packages/partman/partman-partitioning/debian Re: r51921 - in trunk/packages/partman/partman-crypto: debian finish-install.d Regarding: [PATCH] add -versatile flavour to linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6 Re: Regarding: [PATCH] add -versatile flavour to linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6 Regarding: Bug#470027: installation report Regarding: Bug#471542: marked as done (installation-reports: d-i lenny beta 1 BC i386 on ASUS Z71A: Success) Regarding: bugs not updated for a long time Reminder for console-data debconf translation update Removal from Uploaders fields for Debian Installer The last update was on 07:43 GMT Tue May 07. 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