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OEM-Install for Debian?

Hi Matt & dear DDs,

I could need something like Matt Zimmermans OEM-Installer (which Ubuntu
has since 2k5 or so) in Debian. For an explanation, please see

Background: I just started the European branch of ZaReason, Inc., and we
sell hardware (desktops and laptops, mostly) pre-configured with Ubuntu,
and - since I jumped in - also with Debian.

I'm no DD myself, but would offer help - I've read the Debian
documentations and made some backports so far (for private use only). I
hope that this step would also help with the consideration of other
vendors to offer pre-installed systems, and spread Debian even further.

In case of answers, please CC me because I'm currently not subscribed to
the debian-boot mailing list.

Sorry for my denglish...

Thanks for your interest, your time, and for all the efforts you put
into projects like Debian and Ubuntu.

wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien
GPG key: 728D9BD0 Fingerprint: a9232294b7edeb3e2f18ae56aab8d36a728d9bd0
private blog:                                http://wolfgang.lonien.de/
community blog:                          http://blog.thedebianuser.org/
business homepage:                              http://www.zareason.de/

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