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Removal from Uploaders fields for Debian Installer

Hello Cajus,

There are a number of Debian Installer components that have people listed as 
Uploader who have not actually contributed to that component, or to D-I in 
general, in the recent past and have decided that it would help to clean up 
this situation somewhat.

The reasoning is that the Uploaders field should (as much as possible) 
reflect the current maintainers of a Debian package, and not its original 
author or past contributors.

This mail is to check if you have any objection to being removed as uploader 
for any or all of the following components for which you are currently 

On behalf of the current D-I team I'd like to take this opportunity to thank 
you for your contributions to the project and of course you're always 
welcome to resume work on the installer.

Please reply to the debian-boot mailing list (reply-to is set). If we do not 
receive a reply within the next two weeks, we'll proceed with the removal.

Frans Pop

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