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Re: cannot set a size to lvm partition (size 0 is invalid)

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 11:21 PM, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2008, Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
>  > I set the raid 5 partition as a lvm group and not I am trying to
>  > create lvm partition for my home at 1450GB. I keep getting the error
>  > that partition size 0 cannot be created.
>  Could you please file a bug report against partman-lvm for this issue?
>  > Here is a syslog.
>  > I don't know why but when I want to create lvm volume:
>  > 1497303MB is my initial setting.
>  > I can just hit enter to 1497303MB and it will take it.
>  >
>  > But if I pick 1457303MB I get an error.
>  That's certainly strange. Could possibly have to do with rounding functions.
>  > What is going on with these numbers. syslog tells  me that 1.36 TB is
>  > only available? Shouldn't that be 1.4xx TB?
>  There is some confusion inside partman and between partman and other tools
>  about how disk sizes are presented. Disk capacity is usually given as a
>  power of 10, while other sizes are in multiples of bytes (power of 2).
>  So 40MB can be either 40.000.000 bytes or 41.943.040 (40*1024*1024).

You are correct on this one. Finally after 4h of reserach I realized
that 500Gb drive is in reality 465GiB. So 1.3Tb 465*3 is about right.
So there seem to be a miss match of what is displayed and what it is
in reality. In real world the drive is 465Gib and that is what I
should see.

The partition screen shows the lvm group partition as 1.5TB, but when
you go into add first partition it wants the actual GiB size (max
1.5Tb =max 1.3Tb).
Not sure why it let me put into 1497303MB (all space) but not
1497000Mb etc.  If you recalculate by hand how much space you have in
GiB then its easy from there. Confusion introduced by 500Gb =465Gib
has everybody confused I guess. It would be much easier if everything
was in GiB

So final setting was to make one partition 1.1Tb and rest with rest of space.

So I guess the partition screen should either show you (1500GB / 1395
GiB ) or it should pick one(GiB preffered). My guess would to be make
Gib a default since that is the size I will see when I do 'df -h' when
its all said and done. I guess at Tera size the Gib vs GB measurement
is huge!

>  > Can somebody explain why I cannot create my 1.45 tb and rest as swap
>  > partitions?
>  A solution could be to create the swap first at the required size.
>  > Also why sys log tells me I have 1.36 even do other
>  > screens tell me that my lvm group holds 1.5tb?
>  See above.
>  > I tried both. installgui and install when setting these up.
>  That should not make any difference.
>  Could you run a new installation and, before partman is started, add a
>  line 'set -x' near the top of /lib/partman/definitions.sh?
>  That will give a huge amount of debugging output in the syslog, but should
>  tell us exactly where the error comes from when you reproduce it.
>  Please attach the syslog (gzipped) to your bug report.
I'm sorry I won't be able to provide any more logs. I have installed
debian already and both raid 1 and raid 5 are setup. The computer will
go into production soon. I will report the bug and provide logs I had.


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