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MacMiniIntel installation woes (and joys)


I am happily running Debian (and for the last few months Kubuntu)
on my MacMini. To get more space for my work I got rid of my MacOSX
partition about half a year ago. In order to use the newest lyx
version (and to get a chance of running testing/unstable again)
I tried the Beta1 of the lenny installer.

Installation went fine (picked up the needed bits from my preseed

As I forgot that I cannot use GRUB (?) I just let the installer
continue. After installing grub I had a harddisk which did not boot
at all.

After browsing around for quite some time I was able to get to 
boot again after:
- booting from the Beta1-CD using rescue 
- opened a shell into my newly installed system (/dev/sda2)
$ apt-get install refit
$ gptsync /dev/sda # Manually accepting 
$ exit
- continue (sometimes using the back button) using the install
system to install lilo
- umounted in the shell /dev/sda2, eject the cd, manually reset
  the power
Then my MacMini booted into lenny and I am enjoying my life again!
As my home partition is on a separate device, i had all settings.
X was configured correctly (even for my unusal 1680x1050 TFT monitor).
Sounds work! Really great.

As I am now quite confident that I can quite rapidly test the
MacMiniIntel installation I would like to help make installation
of Debian a seamless experience. Is there somewhere around who could
tell me what tests to run and then would fix the installer?
I even happen to have a second MacMiniIntel around, where the children
(unfortunately quite often) use MacOSX, which is installed beside
a GNU/Debian etch installation. E.g. I do not even know against
which package I have to report this bug.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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