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BUG(?): Can' t disable lilo installation during preseed


I'm really new to debian (just 2 weeks), before this I used Fedora. I moved over to Debian because it had a lot more packages and the system is a lot more stable. One downside is that the installer from stable failed to install on my system (Floating Point Error). I grabbed a Debian-testing-netinst and started using debian. I managed to migrate everything from Fedora's kickstart to Debian's preseed, except for one thing: The installer keeps asking me if I want to install lilo. I tried the combination of the following lines in my preseed.cfg (preseed.cfg is integrated into initrd.gz):

d-i lilo-installer/skip boolean true
(as suggested by some guides)

lilo-installer lilo-installer/skip boolean true
(found in /var/log/installer/cdebconf/questions.dat)

unknown lilo-installer/skip boolean true
(found in /var/log/installer/cdebconf/questions.dat)

The installer stil asks me about lilo. This is the section of templates.dat that deals with that dialog:

Name: lilo-installer/bootdev
Type: select
Choices: ${disc}: Master Boot Record, ${part}: new Debian partition, Other choice (Advanced)
Description: LILO installation target:
Extended_description: The LILO program needs to be installed to make your new system bootable. By installing it onto your disk's Master Boot Record, LILO will take complete control of the boot process, but if you want to use a different boot manager, just install LILO on the new Debian partition instead.\n\nIf unsure, install LILO into the Master Boot Record. Choices-nl.UTF-8: ${disc}: Master Boot Record, ${part}: nieuwe Debian-partitie, Andere keuze (geavanceerd)
Description-nl.UTF-8: Wat is het LILO-installatiedoelwit?
Extended_description-nl.UTF-8: De LILO-opstartlader dient geïnstalleerd te worden om uw nieuwe systeem opstartbaar te maken. Door LILO in het 'master boot record' van uw schijf te installeren, geeft u LILO totale controle over het opstartproces. Als u een andere opstartlader wilt gebruiken, kunt u in plaats hiervan LILO op de nieuwe Debian-partitie installeren.\n\nBij twijfel, installeert u LILO best in het Master Boot Record.

Hope it helps.....


P.S. Please add me to the CC-list as I'm not subscribed to the list! ty

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