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Re: Netcfg NULL pointer dereference in custom debian-eeepc d-i

On Wednesday 05 March 2008, Glenn wrote:
> The build appears to have gone well, and I can boot and start the
> installer. When the installer gets to configuring the network, netcfg
> oopses the kernel with a null pointer dereference. If I switch to vt2
> before doing any tasks then I can bring up ath0, set an essid and wep
> key and get a dhcp lease. I tried bringing up both cards before getting
> to the configuring network stage but it still oopses with netcfg.
> However, if the ethernet cable is plugged in during configuration, then
> I can chose either ethernet or the wireless card and from there on all
> seems to work fine. The oops is below but may have some errors as its
> hand typed.

Looks like you've caught a cornercase bug here.
The problem is that ATM we don't really have someone who actively works on 
netcfg, so I would not hold my breath waiting for someone to dive into 

If you have the skills to debug this yourself (or know someone involved in 
Debian Eeepc who does) you're very welcome to work on this yourself.

One thing that could possibly help to narrow this down somewhat could be to 
run an strace on netcfg. There is an strace udeb that can be included in an 

Could you please file a proper bug report against netcfg for this? That will 
help us track the issue.


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