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Re: e2fsprogs 1.40.8-2 MIGRATED to testing

On Wednesday 26 March 2008, Theodore Tso wrote:
> * Once a new version goes to testing, I should ping you guys to make
> 	sure you know to synchronize the udebs

That's not really needed as we have to give an OK for any migration anyway.

> * I should avoid uploading a new version to unstable during the time
> 	window between when a new version gets migrated to testing,
> 	and when you tell me that you have grabbed the udebs and
> 	synchronized them.

Well, I think a more workable workflow would be: avoid uploading a new 
version to unstable within the first week after a migration. If one is 
needed, then please contact the d-boot list first.
I feel that if we have not managed to do the migration inside a week, it's 
our own damn fault.

> And this is because at the moment, although the .deb files are
> migrated automatically, the .udeb files aren't, and so if I upload a
> new unstable version, the .udeb files for the version that was just
> migrated to testing will get lost forever.

Correct. There is a grace period of a few days, but after that they are 
effectively lost.

> (I assume that there's 
> some reason that modifying the script which performs the migration
> from unstable to testing is more complicated than it first appears,
> which is why this step is being done manually.)

It is somewhat complicated as udebs effectively live in a separate 
repository, don't have full dependency checking and migrations can in 
certain cases break an existing D-I release for some installation methods.

There is a proposal for better Britney support for udebs, but that's waiting 
for someone brave to implement:


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