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Re: Proposal: move win32-loader in SVN repository

On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 07:45:40AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > 
> > I therefore propose to move win32-loader (and any tags) from its current 
> > location to directly under trunk, as is suitable for a basically 
> > independent package.
> > This would also make it more clear that translations need to be committed 
> > separately and makes it easier for translators to do a separate checkout of 
> > just win32-loader if they like. For translation statistics win32-loader 
> > could be included in level2, together with other packages that are 
> > important for installations.
> Actually, when the package was introduced, I *briefly* added it as
> part of level 2. However, there's a problem: some languages are not
> supported in NSIS. So, as the comments in the win32-loader say: one
> has first to translate NSIS before working on win3é-loader.
> As NSIS is something we don't have control over, I thought it would be
> unfair for translators of those languages to include the language in
> level 2 while they practically *can't* really translate for their
> language.

Sounds like a fair point (as for udebs, I still don't really see how they
relate to the equation, but that is moot now).

I'm not familiar with what each level means, though.  Is there a less-priority
level for which it would be suitable?

My interest in integration is due to other things not related to how much
priority is assigned to translating win32-loader.  For example, new translators
often use the BTS to send win32-loader translations, but it would be more
convenient if they use the same channels used to add stuff to packages/po/
(sometimes this even meant that translator coordinators sent bug reports
instead of committing the translation directly).

So, is there any solution that would allow this, without imposing win32-loader
translations as a prioritary requirement?

Robert Millan

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