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Re: OEM-Install for Debian?

Quoting Wolfgang Lonien (wolfgang@lonien.de):

> I'm no DD myself, but would offer help - I've read the Debian
> documentations and made some backports so far (for private use only). I
> hope that this step would also help with the consideration of other
> vendors to offer pre-installed systems, and spread Debian even further.

Actually, helping out the D-I development and, particularly some
features (including adding some features) is pretty easy even without
being a DD. It just requires people to read available docs (in
installer/doc in D-I SVN, particularly in devel/ and talks/).

Subscribing to -boot is nearly mandatory in case you want an easier

Some long-term commitment is also wished as we prefer avoiding to add
features that we won't be able to maintain in the future...

Please note that this answer is pretty general. I have no real clue
about oem-installer but I "feel" like it could be interesting..:)

> In case of answers, please CC me because I'm currently not subscribed to
> the debian-boot mailing list.
> Sorry for my denglish...

It is better than my Frenglish, don't worry..:)

Also wait for some other answers, particularly more
technically-skilled, to give you further advice about your suggestion.

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