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Please add support for the Playstation 3 Platform

To whom it may concern,

Hi, my name is Norberto Feliberty. I own a playstation 3 which has a powerpc based processor. As you may know, it is capable of running linux distrobutions and therefore can be used as a personal computer. I have tried several different linux distros all with various degree of success. I am looking for a solid well supported easy to use linux distro for the playstation 3 and I think debain can make a fine distro for the playstation 3. Being that debain already supports the powerpc agriculture, I hope that this won't be too difficult to implement. I have tried and successfully installed a net install image for pc and found it very easy and straight forward.  A debain text installer for the playstation 3 exactly like the on in the net install image for pc would be an exellent option for those who do not have an HDTV because an SDTV only outputs in 480i.  I look forward to hearing from you with any information you may have regarding any plans to make debain support for the playstation 3 available.  



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