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Re: Proposal: move win32-loader in SVN repository

Quoting Robert Millan (rmh@aybabtu.com):

> Sounds like a fair point (as for udebs, I still don't really see how they
> relate to the equation, but that is moot now).
> I'm not familiar with what each level means, though.  Is there a less-priority
> level for which it would be suitable?

Well, not easily..:-)

I personnally think that translating win32-loader should be a quite
high priority for translators. Something equivalent to level 2,
indeed. But, on the other hand, I don't want to clutter level 2 stats
with it....because, as already explained, there are languages that
are/have been 100% for level 2 but *don't* have NSIS translated. So it
wouldn't be fair for these to include win32-loader to level 2

This is also not only about being "fair" but make my own task easier
during the final release process. During that process, I try as much
as possible to get level 2 completed, nagging translators very hard to
get them to 100%. It would be more complicated to have some languages
for which the target is not 100% but, say, 82%, because these
languages do not have win32-loader support.

As a compromise, I could maybe add win32-loader to level 3 (along with
xorg, menu....).

> My interest in integration is due to other things not related to how much
> priority is assigned to translating win32-loader.  For example, new translators
> often use the BTS to send win32-loader translations, but it would be more
> convenient if they use the same channels used to add stuff to packages/po/
> (sometimes this even meant that translator coordinators sent bug reports
> instead of committing the translation directly).

Well, having it in any level will not help much there. It will help
for translators who read docs or read mails in debian-i18n. BUt you'll
still get some bug reports.

Anyway, as there is no perfect solution, my best proposal currently is
moving the package either directly under trunk/ or into an "otherpkgs"
directory parallel to packages/ (in case we decide to put something
else in D-I SVN. And, simultaneously, add win32-loader to level 3.

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