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Re: Dell XPS Dimension 200n booting from floppies

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On Thursday 13 March 2008, Spooky Tooth wrote:
> 4.2.1. Where to Find Installation ImagesThe installation images are
> located on each Debian mirror in the directory
> debian/dists/etch/main/installer-i386/current/images/ — the MANIFEST
> lists each image and its purpose.      I have down loaded the following
> files from the Open Source
> Labboot.imgcd-drivers.imgnet-drivers-1.imgnet-drivers-2.imgroot.imgMD5SUM
>S ( I checked all of the files and they check correctly ) After creating
> the floppiesPC boots from the boot floppyPC loads the root root floppyI
> install the NIC module and PC aquires an IP from DHCPInstall continues up
> until it gets the following error   [!!] Configuring x11-common
> Installation step failed an installation step failed. You can try to run
> the failing item again from the menu, or ship it an choose something
> else. The failing step is:  Select and install software ContinuePlease
> let me know what else I could do to install debin

The error is not related to the fact that you use floppies. From the info 
you give here we cannot really say what the problem is.

Can you please try the installation again and, after the error, send us the 
files "hardware-summary" and "syslog" from the directory /var/log/?
You will need to use the option "Save debug logs" from the main menu of the 
installer to get these files.


P.S. Next time, please file an installation report:

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