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Re: OEM-Install for Debian?

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Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> Private reply.

Suppose to be ;-)

> On Thursday 13 March 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> I've done a look on the past and I'm willing to work on that again
>> since it's very important for Debian and for vendors.
>> Hope to be able to do that soon, if nobody does it before...
> Whenever I see one of your enthusiastic responses like this one, my first 
> reaction is: isn't Otavio already involved in enough projects and packages 
> in Debian and is this going to be yet another thing that is going to 
> prevent an upload of, for example, parted and, as another example, the D-I 
> related bugfixes you promised to do.

hehe yes, I'm involved in a lot of things already and sometimes this
really delay things however I being involved doesn't blocks anyone to
do them.

I offered to take a look since I had some work on that in past, but
haven't finished it, for a project at work and then I have some
understanding of what would need to be done.

I usually offer to help where there's lack of work. It was the case of
parted, grub (in past since now Robert is doing a nice work on that),
apt (which now count with Daniel being member of team and should be
more actively maintained) and so on...

> I may be wrong, but I seriously think you are taking on too much and that 
> it's affecting the quality of your work on commitments you made in the 
> past.

Yes, I agree partially with it however I do prefer to fail in
commitments sometimes then don't offer help.

If anyone can take it (or any other pending thing to be do), please do
and I can help with guidance or something but if noone does, I'll try
to do...


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