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Re: Partman on the MTD flash

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 09:43:11AM +0800, 张文杰 wrote:
> I want to support the Debian installation to MTD flash. here is my
> original idea.

Great.  You should also get in touch with Per Andersson [1] who was also
interest to improve the support of Debian on NAS.

[1] He recently introduced himself, see:

> Because the MTD flash does not have traditional partition like disks,
> so we do not do the partitioning, just detect the MTD, mount it to
> /target, and then do installation.

That would work, but we'll loose a lot of partman's flexibility.  I can
imagine quite a few use cases that would not be supported that way:
 * encrypted filesystem on MTD,
 * root on MTD and /home on disk (you might want such setup for the
   Kurobox Pro which has only 256 Mb of flash),
 * /boot on MTD, the rest on hard drive.

I think that even if there is no need to "partition" an MTD device,
proper integration into the debian-installer would be to allow the
static partitions to be configured, reformated, transferred like any

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