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Re: D-I and busybox 1.9.1 test results

On Saturday 08 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> > > I did not find any config option to solve this (which does not mean
> > > it does not exist.
> >
> That is enabled. The description for that is:
>   │ If this option is enabled a command starting with hyphen (-)
>   │ is run in its own session (setsid(2)) and possibly with a
>   │ controlling tty (TIOCSCTTY).  This is not the traditional init
>   │ behavior, but is often what you want in an embedded system where
>   │ the console is only accessed during development or for maintenance.
>   │ NB: using cttyhack applet may work better.

I have just verified that this option does *not* work for VT1.
I tried changing /etc/inittab to
but the framebuffer remained disabled.

Note that we already do use that option for the debug shells and it does 
work there. We currently have:

So it looks like we'll need cttyhack, at least for the short term, if we 
want to avoid regressions.
I personally don't feel much like rewriting the console detection. We have 
too many places where we test for (serial) console which expect the current 
status. As the cttyhack option seems to work, I'm personally happy to just 
go with that.

I'll try to test a serial console installation tomorrow to check that that 
also works correctly with the cttyhack option.


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