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Re: OEM-Install for Debian?

Private reply.

On Thursday 13 March 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I've done a look on the past and I'm willing to work on that again
> since it's very important for Debian and for vendors.
> Hope to be able to do that soon, if nobody does it before...

Whenever I see one of your enthusiastic responses like this one, my first 
reaction is: isn't Otavio already involved in enough projects and packages 
in Debian and is this going to be yet another thing that is going to 
prevent an upload of, for example, parted and, as another example, the D-I 
related bugfixes you promised to do.

I may be wrong, but I seriously think you are taking on too much and that 
it's affecting the quality of your work on commitments you made in the 


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