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Re: Please add support for the Playstation 3 Platform

Hello Norberto,

On Monday 10 March 2008, Norberto Feliberty wrote:
> Hi, my name is Norberto Feliberty. I own a playstation 3 which has a
> powerpc based processor. As you may know, it is capable of running linux
> distrobutions and therefore can be used as a personal computer. I have
> tried several different linux distros all with various degree of success.
> I am looking for a solid well supported easy to use linux distro for the
> playstation 3 and I think debain can make a fine distro for the
> playstation 3.

Several people have already shown interest in adding support for PS3. We're 
currently waiting for a kernel in Debian that supports the PS3 and for the 
installer to switch to that kernel.

When that has happened, I expect work will start on it. If you cannot help 
with providing patches, you can probably help by testing images that 
support PS3 when they become available.

I suggest you stay tuned for announcement (either on this list or the 
debian-powerpc list).


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