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Re: Patch to tidy up wget use, and add return=4 when 404's are seen

On Thursday 13 March 2008, Philip Hands wrote:
> OK, the next attempt:
>   http://hands.com/~phil/d-i/fetch-url-2.diff
>   http://hands.com/~phil/d-i/wget404-2.diff

Almost there...

+++ b/packages/debian-installer-utils/README
+  -r  repeat failed attempts (currently up to 3 times)

-r only repeats 2 times in current code. IMO that should be enough.
The rationale is that it makes more sense to do an additional repeat if you 
got at least something than when you got an outright failure. So, 2 full 
attempts and 3 continuation retries.
(same goes for README.preseed_fetch)

+While both options can be specified, they probably shouldn't, as that
+will result in an alternation between full and continued wgets, and
+rather too many attempts.

s/specified/specified at the same time/ (or together, or whatever)

For -c I'm missing the comment that it should only be used if the 
correctness of the file can be checked (as in README.preseed_fetch).

Maybe reduce the duplication between debian-installer-utils/README and 
README.preseed_fetch a bit (just refer to the first in the second)?

+++ b/packages/debian-installer-utils/fetch-url
The vars ALLOW_CONTINUES and DO_REPEAT should be initialized.
I'd suggest to initialize to "", then set to 1. We can then just test for
[ "$DO_REPEAT" ] (i.e. without ' = yes').

+++ b/packages/preseed/debian/changelog
+  * split out fetch-url from preseed_fetch to allow for
+    it's use for downloading without interfering with the
+    preseed relative path magic


> P.S.  I did something a little odd with git earlier -- while I'm 99%
> certain I've got back to where I was, I've not had chance to do all the
> tests to make sure -- please point out anything that looks out of place.

Yeah, git is really, really great once you learn to work with it, but in the 
beginning it can trip you up. Early on I lost about 4 hours work one time 
(which I managed to reproduce in about 45 minutes :-). But it was a great 
help with the complex patch set I just did for localechooser, allowing to 
fix mistakes in earlier patches, change the order of patches, etc.

- second patch has bogus changelog entry for preseed (you don't change
  anything there)
- the second patch should not open new changelog entry for di-utils, but
  just add to the one opened in the first patch; they have to be separate
  commits, not separate uploads

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