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Re: OEM-Install for Debian?

Wolfgang Lonien wrote:
Hi Matt & dear DDs,


I could need something like Matt Zimmermans OEM-Installer (which Ubuntu
has since 2k5 or so) in Debian. For an explanation, please see

This *looks* really like is Debian Installer with some additional module and some supplementary package. (Note that I said "looks", but I haven't dug into the issue to see if it really is D-I).

If, indeed, is a modified Debian Installer, I guess we could get the D-I module and add an option to boot with such an option. Ditto for the package(s) in the system.

Matt, most likely, can confirm or infirm the assumptions above :-) .

Background: I just started the European branch of ZaReason, Inc., and we
sell hardware (desktops and laptops, mostly) pre-configured with Ubuntu,
and - since I jumped in - also with Debian.

Cool! I would really love to see systems with Debian preinstalled here in Romania.

I'm no DD myself, but would offer help - I've read the Debian
documentations and made some backports so far (for private use only). I
hope that this step would also help with the consideration of other
vendors to offer pre-installed systems, and spread Debian even further.

It is not necessary to be a DD.

In case of answers, please CC me because I'm currently not subscribed to
the debian-boot mailing list.


Thanks for your interest, your time, and for all the efforts you put
into projects like Debian and Ubuntu.

Thanks for giving Free Software a chance in the pre-installed OS battle!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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