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Proposal: move win32-loader in SVN repository

win32-loader was included in the repository in packages/arch/i386, but IMO 
that is not correct. Reason I feel it is not correct is that, although it 
is definitely related to D-I, it is not a D-I component (does not produce 

I thought that the location was chosen so that translating it could be 
integrated, and I thought that was already the case. Yesterday I learned 
that this is not so.
I also personally feel that translation of win32-loader should not be 
integrated in the level 1 infrastructure _because_ it isn't a D-I 

I therefore propose to move win32-loader (and any tags) from its current 
location to directly under trunk, as is suitable for a basically 
independent package.
This would also make it more clear that translations need to be committed 
separately and makes it easier for translators to do a separate checkout of 
just win32-loader if they like. For translation statistics win32-loader 
could be included in level2, together with other packages that are 
important for installations.

When busybox (currently under people/waldi) is moved to trunk, it should IMO 
also go directly under trunk.


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