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Re: Patch to tidy up wget use, and add return=4 when 404's are seen

On Thursday 06 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> What I'm starting to think is that maybe we should have two retry loops:
> one default continuation retry loop as in debootstrap, and an optional
> full retry loop (if a -r option is passed) that does the full retry,
> probably only twice.
> I'm thinking that net-retriever probably should /not/ use that -r option
> (which would match current actual behavior), but maybe it would be useful
> in other cases.

Or maybe use a switch to toggle between "continuation" and "full" retries. 
Continuation retries probably make sense for larger files (Packages comes 
to mind) for which the integrity can be checked (md5sum).
Given the caveats in the wget manpage for -c, it may be safer to not do 
continuation retries at all, but just do a full retry in other cases (like 
fetching preseed files).

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