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Re: D-I and busybox 1.9.1 test results

On Thursday 13 March 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> I have now done more tests and here are my final conclusions.
> Note that I have not looked at the busybox and busybox-static debs at
> all.
> Definitely not needed for the udeb.

Oops. Turns out I was wrong there.

Not having FEATURE_EDITING_FANCY_PROMPT enabled means the debug shells no
longer show the current directory. Enabling it gives that back.

As the size of the busybox executable does not increase with the option
enabled, I suggest we do enable it for the udeb.

Bastian: could you make that last change?
And then 1.9.1 can be uploaded to unstable as far as I'm concerned.


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