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1000a 5/333 boot problems 2.4.20 smp won't boot 2.4 doesn't see up2000+'s usb 3ware escalade 3w-xxxx.smp -driver Re: 3ware Escalade 7810 & UP2000+ aboot and kernel 2.4.xx Alpha installation Fwd: AlphaPC 164SX - situation anyone running smp? booting linux from two floppies Re: Bug#172090: gcc-3.2: [alpha] gcc fails to compile kernel on wildfire Re: building kernel Re: Can somebody please build boot-floppies? Cause of gnome-session segfault at start Compiler regression on alpha? Re: compiling 2.4.18 on pws au500 DAR dead box?? dead PWS 600au Debian on XL266 depca.o First Post Flightgear crashes. gcc 3.2 dependencies General questions about alphaserver 1200 (533AU2) [help] building boot-floppies 3.0.24 How to install new kernel Install sequence problem with MILO boot from CD. kdebase 3.0.5a not compiling on alpha!!! Kernel 2.4.x panics on Eiger system Kernel error message at boot time. Kernel update for Debian 3.0/alpha LED application Manual or user guide for DEC Alpha XL-366 Merry Xmas && Thank You miata srm password milo hangs on detecting ncr53c8xx in SX after swapping slots milo hangs with Radeon VE in SX Re: PCI USB 2.0 Card and PWS 500a pcmcia on debian 3.0 alpha mutlia PENTING !!! PELUANG BISNIS SAMPINGAN !!! Prob getting X going with Matrox card and Woody and XFree 4 Remote Insight Manager - alpha compatible? replacement cpu board (was Dead Box) SEMUA ADA DISINI !!! slot b fan direction small alpha for auction ;) Solved: Kernel error message at boot time Sound on a 500au station Sound on my 500au is OK : thanks ! Strange XIO errors with unstable switch rh->debian testing stable enough for use? Unidentified subject! Updating SRM on LX164 woody on a ds20e xconsole X Video extension for Matrox Mill II cards The last update was on 14:27 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 161 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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