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Re: switch rh->debian

Joakim Roubert [jokke@df.lth.se] wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been running RedHat on my AlphaStation since 1997, but Debian on some 
> various PC:s ever since. I like Debian more -- especially because of the 
> easier upgrades and the better functionality I've experienced.
> Now I plan to switch to Debian on my Alpha as well, but before doing that
> I'd just like to check if the packages for alpha are as up-to-date (or
> almost) as for the i386 Debian.
> A friend recommended me to install the stable version and then pin up only
> those packages where I need the latest versions, in order to get better 
> functionality. What do you guys think?

This is the normal way of doing things.  3.0r1 is out now.  I can
generally find everything I need for alpha.  Of course if you want
things from 'unstable' on the alpha, it will always lag behind x86.  But
the ability to find packages for my debian/alpha is far better than the
redhat/athlon machines I administer.  :)  (and FAR FAR better than the
Tru64/alpha machines I administer)

Debian is very good about keeping all architectures up-to-date.

Bob McElrath [Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics]

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