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Updating SRM on LX164

Ok, I've decided to take the plunge and update the firmware on my 
LX164.  The box currently has v5.1; I'm trying to upgrade it to 
v5.8.  I'm now looking for just the right way to go about it.

1) First choice: fail-safe boot mode.

I'd love to, but #1 I don't know exactly what files I'll need, 
and #2 I don't know of fail-safe boot will give me VGA output 
(and I don't have a null-modem cable).

2) Second choice: use a bootable SRM update disk.

Unfortunately, the only ways I see to make a bootable SRM update 
disk are to first have Digital UNIX or OpenVMS installed.  I see 
no reason why HPaq couldn't provide a plain-jane raw floppy 
image I could dd to a disk...but they don't.  I guess that would 
just be too easy. =(

3) Third choice: use the SRM "nt" command to bootstrap AlphaBIOS 
off a floppy, then use AlphaBIOS to update SRM.

Yes, it's a hack.  Oooh, what a hack!  But I think I could pull 
it off...if I could just find the lx164nt.rom file!!!  I'm not 
finding it on ftp.digital.com, and when I try to select 
AlphaBIOS for PC164LX/SX from the firmware update page, it tries 
to take me to some other site that doesn't even resolve to an IP 


So...anyone know any other tricks I can try?  Anyone have the 
mysteriously missing lx164nt.rom file?


"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"

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