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miata srm password

Hello All

I have a 600au (with 1.5GB  =:) and the console is locked !!

I have hunted everywhere to try and clear it - No luck (so far).

There are 2 reference in the DEC literature to "pushing the PW RESET switch
once the console boots" but there is no such switch and I have tried the

There are two three-way jumpers on the Main Logic Board, entitled: PW
UNLOCK - J38 and UNLOCK - J12.  I have tried all 4 different jumper settings
on these molex pins to no avail.

I have also tried removing the battery, etc. but as the firmware is stored
in an AMD29LV800B Flash soldered to the board, I doubt anything will work!

Other than:
There is a 10-way header entitled: SROM PORT - J14, which I suspect needs a
special programmer...???
Hacking at it with a serial port pw generator (highly unlikely at 9600 and a
15 character minimum pw length!!)
Paying HP $$$s for the info I need  =:<

Any help greatly appreciated.



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