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Re: pcmcia on debian 3.0 alpha mutlia

Can you post your .config file?


> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Buttafuoco <jim@contactbda.com> writes:
> Jim> I want to turn an old alpha multia (udb) into a firewall/router
> Jim> using 1 of the PCMCIA slots with a wireless lan card.  I can't
> Jim> seem to get the PCMCIA stuff working.  I checked the list and
> Jim> people reported the problem a couple of months ago with NO
> Jim> solution.  Does anyone have this working?
> PCMCIA on the multia is doing fine here (one ethernet, one wireless).
> I'm not using the standard Debian kernel, though, but a home build
> 2.4.18 + HostAP. Runs nicely, and has been my router/firewall since
> '98, without any problem.
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