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Re: dead box??

Not much I can think of, at least not without a null-modem
cable. Did you actually try to boot it with a minimal

It's worth a try though be sure to remove ALL of the PCI/ISA cards.

Its a Digital Server 3305, apparently exactly like an
ALphaserver 8000.

One to many zeros, AS800.

Lets say hypotheticallly the CPU is done for, would buying a
replacement off of ebay be that hard?  Or would i just be
better off buying a whole new box and just tranfering all the

I can't remember if those are the ones that use daughtercards or not.
If the CPU looks removable, it's an option. Though from the sounds
of it I believe there is something wrong with the mainboard.

I'd say it's far cheaper to get a CPU off of eBay.  Just looking
right now, I see a couple of 21264's with "Buy it now" for less
than $100.  There's also a 21164+PC164LX up for a mere $5
(though there's four days left for auction campers to change

If you're going to replace the cpu be sure to find out exactly the
make of Alpha you have. i.e. EV5 or EV56, It'll tell you on the top
of the chip, take off the heatsink to see it.

IIRC the AlphaServer 8000 is a 21164-based system, upgradeable
to 21264?  I wouldn't swear to that though.

Nope. Those things are ancient.

My advice, scrap the system and pick up something else like
an LX or bargin basement EV6. Those server class boxen need
a technitian with lots of spare parts (that work) to make sure they're
repaired properly. If you could pick up another 3305 and use it for
parts you'd have a better chance of repairing it.


"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does
it still cost four figures to fix?"

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