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Re: dead PWS 600au

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 07:22:51AM +0300, Alexander Kotelnikov wrote:

> 1. System does not beep but it "clicks" after I press power
> button. Two times two times each. tuk-tuk silence tuk-tuk.

If the speaker is hooked up, it should beep, not tuk. So I'm not sure
what that might indicate. If you can get it to beep, I can look up the

> 2. LEDs on the mainboard stay lighted. There are two rows, 4 LEDS in
> each.  The upper row is numbered from left to right as 8 4 2 1. The
> LEDs, that stay lighted are 8 and 4 in upper row and 8, 4 and 1 the
> lower:
> 8 4 2 1
> * * . .
> * * . *

That looks like 0xCD, which the docs say:

"SROM execution complete, transfer control to the console firmware. This is the NORMAL steady-state display on a running system"

In addition, I found this:

"Corrupted AlphaBIOS or SRM firmware can result in any one or more of the

    * LED code of 1100 1101 (1=on), and SRM or AlphaBIOS won't start.
    * Beep code sequence of 1-1-4 (listen carefully at lower front of box
      a few seconds after power on) indicating corrupt firmware.

    * The floppy drive LED illuminating after several seconds (the
      POST code has detected corrupt firmware and is trying to load
      new firmware from a recovery diskette).

 This type of corruption can generally be recovered without having to
 install the recovery SROM on the MLB."

It goes on to talk about the recovery procedure, which I've never had to
do, but IIRC some folks on this list probably have... ???


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