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woody on a ds20e

Hello *,

I recently tried to install woody on a ds20e. I was booting from the
the SCSI devices were recognized and then the system said that it was
to mount the root FS because of an unknown file system. I.e. the
installation kernel
already had some problems.

I was checking the installation medium by booting a ds10 with the same
The kernel was unpacked, hardware detected and finally i ended up with
welcome screen of woody. So everything worked fine on the ds10.

My question is: is there a special boot option to install woody on a
ds20e or has somebody an idea what I have made wrong on the ds20e  ???

Thanx in advance

Dr. Joerg Kuemmerlen		Phone +49 (0)7071-9457-593
science + computing ag		FAX +49 (0)7071-9457-110
Hagellocher Weg 73
D-72070 Tuebingen  Email: j.kuemmerlen@science-computing.de

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