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Re: Flightgear crashes.

Considering the scope of this package and the work of porting it properly
would entail. Would we be better off building it with taso??? If it's not an
often used package, better to have it work (albet slow) instead of just
failing. If enough people start using it then porting it could become a
priority. In the meantime, It's better than nothing... All things considered.


> On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > this is unfortunately not uncommon for seldom used progs. If you want
> > to help, do the following:
> >
> > *Get the sources
> > *Rebuild with "-g" (usually it's enough to set a variable before
> >  build, but check out debian/rules; especially if it is not
> >  unconditionally stripped regardless of the debug status)
> > *install the recompiled version
> > *create a .gdbinit with esentially
> > r
> > bt full
> >
> >  in it. then run
> >  gdb `which flightgear` > fglog 2>&1
> >
> > *Report this bug against flightgear, including the fglog-file.
> There are some library dependencies for flightgear that would also 
> have to be recompiled.  I started working on it awhile ago and it 
> got to be too much of a pain to continue for fun.  I could always 
> revisit it, though, since I think I have a few patches still around.
> C
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