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Re: General questions about alphaserver 1200 (533AU2)

Jay's right on with the adaptec and qlogic notes, I personally have tried 
QLA1080 and adaptec 2940 and can vouch for them not being recognized.  I 
think the 1200 generally shipped with a pci qla1040 to drive the storage 
works shelf, and an onboard 52c810 for the cdrom and/or DDS tape.  Be careful 
with the Q-logic cards, there was a "special" firmware that qlogic used for 
the "Unix version" and of course SRM will only boot the ones which are so 
graced.  One or more of your 53cSomethingOrOther cards may work, or you could 
always hang a narrow scsi drive off the built in 810 just for booting.

On Monday 09 December 2002 12:02 pm, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 12:58:13PM -0600, Kelledin wrote:
> > 
> > Any Adaptec model up to and including the AIC7880 (Adaptec 
> > 2940UW) should get noticed by SRM if you just have a recent 
> > enough SRM update (v5.8 is the latest, I'm told).  I may try to 
> > update my SRM firmware myself (my LX164 is on v5.1), but then 
> > again, I may just use an IDE disk to hold my boot files.
> You luck out with the LX, but the 1200 does not.
> The following SRMs do support Adaptec 2940UW:
> 1. any EV6-based machine (DS10/DS20/ES40/XP1000) and probably later (ES45)
> 2. SRM version 5.8 on LX164 and SX164
> ALL other older machines' SRMs, AFAIK, do NOT support Adaptecs of any
> flavor.
> > Any single-ended QLogic SCSI adapters (i.e. 1020, 1040) should 
> > also get recognized by SRM.  They've been supported for ages 
> > (the original DEC-branded SCSI controllers were actually QLogic 
> > cards with the DEC label on them).
> 1020/1040 are fine, 1080 and later are NOT.
> Many of the NCR/Symbios/LSI Logic chipsets are also supported, but not
> necessarily all. Those that should work are 810/810a/875/895/896,
> though the latter two or three (875/895/896) may not be supported on
> older SRMs especially the EV4-based, and early EV5-based, boxes.  I'm
> fairly sure that the 1200 will support 875 and 895, so you should be
> able to get to U2W with the 895, but no faster.
> Good luck.
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