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Re: 3ware escalade 3w-xxxx.smp -driver

Juha Jäykkä wrote:
We had an rawhide which we could only boot UP with a 2.9x-compiler;
only the patched kernel from RH directly worked. Now we used gcc 3.2
and it compiled and runs fine (at least almost). So yes, you should
probably switch to gcc 3.2 for SMP kernels on alpha.

  I am unable to even compile the 2.4-kernels with 2.95.4. DAC960.o does
not compile. 3.0 seems to help with that, but still I cannot boot debian's
stock kernels since their installation makes an unbootable initrd -
apparently. First, there is no modules.dep and I fixed that, but it still
cannot boot. Theboot process returns to SRM too fast for me to read the
messages. I could try, if SRM can read /var/log/dmesg... In the meantime,
does anyone have any ideas?
I had the same problem, and it still if using gcc-3.0 (which is standard on Woody, gcc-3.2 is not). I had to make DAC960 driver part of the kernel, and not use it as module. It seems to be related to DAC960 on Alpha, but they are people on this list better than I am to explain why.

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