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Re: booting linux from two floppies

Hello Sacha,

My friendly AM (fall, 2000), it's nice to see you. :-)

Alexander Kotelnikov wrote:


While trying to make debian-installer working on alpha I faced a
trouble: I need to boot from two floppies, one containing vmlinuz with
aboot and second with some initrd.img.

I boot kernel with load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1 and variations of
noinitrd, root=/dev/{fd0,ram} but the boot process fails before or
after kernel prompt for second floppy.

So the question is, that wrong do I do?

The obvious thing to check: does the initrd.img fit onto a single floppy? A lot of things tend to be bigger on alpha than other platforms.

Otherwise, what kind of alpha and boot loader are you using? (SRM, AlphaBios, etc.)


-Adam P.

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